University Hostels

The Bharathiar University has four hostels namely Ladies Hostel (for research scholars and PG students), Men's Hostel (mainly for research scholars) and MBA & Additional Hostel (mainly for PG students). All hostels are well equipped with basic and modern facilities and attached with adequate guest rooms to accommodate the guests who visit the hostels.

A Teachers' hostel situated in the residential campus of the university caters to the needs of teachers visiting the university for official purposes. Twenty two rooms are available for accommodation with a spacious dining hall.

Hostel Regulations

  • The inmate of the hostel will be admitted initially for a period of one academic year.
  • However they are eligible to apply for readmission to the hostel in the subsequent years, but the admission will be made by the Warden based on the conduct of the inmate in the previous year.
  • Inmates, who are found to cause nuisance and the same is established on enquiry, will be dismissed by the warden.
  • Immates who are found to be under the influence of Neuro - Toxic Stimulants in the hostel premises or who are found to be in possession of or who are found to persuade other inmates to take Neuro-Toxic Stimulants will be immediately dismissed.
  • The inmates are warned to strictly abstain from smoking in the hostel premises.
  • Inmates should not entertain guests in the hostel without the prior permission of the Warden/Deputy Warden.
  • Inmates who engage in RAGGING will be immediately dismissed.
  • The cost of the repair/replacement resulting from the damage/loss caused by a particular inmate or inmates will be collected from them or from all the inmates depending upon the case.
  • The inmates will observe SILENCE HOURS on all the days except the days preceding all University Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays (SILENCE HOURS 9.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.)
  • The Mess Fees of each student and the last date for paying the Mess Fee will be displayed on the Hostel Notice Board. The inmates who are not in a position to pay the fees within the stipulated time will not be permitted to use the mess facilities, until they have paid the mess fees. (i.e. They can not dine the mess even as guests)
  • While on leave, reduction can be availed, only if mess reduction application forms are duly filled in and submitted to the office one day prior to the day from which reduction is applied for.
  • The students requesting permission to go out of the Hostel on ‘What so ever reasons will do so at their own risk and the Hostel Authorities will not be responsible for any mishappenings at the time the student is outside the Hostel.
  • The Warden has rights to discontinue Hostel facilities for any inmate found guilty in any case of misconduct.
  • At the time of admission/readmission, the parent/guardian will sign an undertaking to the Hostel Authorities that their wards will observe the rules and regulations governing the Hostel. ACTION TAKEN FOR THE MISCONDUCT OF ANY INMATE WILL HAVE TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE PARENTS.
  • The authorities of the hostel have rights to intimate the mess dues to the parents and also take legal and other measures to collect the dues from the students and their parent/guardian.
  • Use of any equipment which consumes electricity including the computer will be permitted on case by case basis by the Warden on payment of prescribed fees.
  • Scholarship / Fellowship students are those who seek bank loans should make their own arrangements to pay their dues in time.
  • The inmate who wish to bring to the notice of the Warden or Deputy Warden, the nuisance/inconvenience caused by an inmate/ inmates may contact the following Officers.