Registrar Office

Section A : Affiliations/Qualification Approval/Guide Recognition

All matters pertaining to Affiliation – New Colleges, New Courses, New Departments – Increase in seats, Legal matters. All matters pertaining to all Autonomous colleges, – Recognised Research Institutions and affiliation of new Research Institutions, Research Guides – Guide Recognition. Qualification approval for new Teachers appointed in all affiliated colleges (Government, Aided & Self Financing) - Staff Returns. Miscellaneous. Contact Number: +91-422-2428112

Section B : College Student Returns/M.Phil./Ph.D. of Colleges

All matters pertaining to M.Phil/Ph.D admissions/Syllabus & Registrations FIP’s of affiliated colleges. Standing Committee on academic affairs, Guides meeting, Foundation Course A & B, M.Phil/Ph.D Syllabus. Eligibility/Transfer/Recognitions/Readmissions/private study, UG & PG admissions, DCB, Sports Fee, matters related to professional colleges SDE – Exemption, Recognition etc – Bonafied Teacher. Internal Improvement, Students attendance. Name Change,

Section C: University Departments

Admissions to all courses in the University Departments and related matters & Entrance Examinations – Convocation. All matters pertaining to M.Phil/Ph.D. admissions & Registration of University Departments, URF, Transfer/Course completion Certificate. All matters related to Research Projects, Schemes, workshops, Conferences, Seminars, MOUs, Guest Lecturers in the University Departments. Registration of Graduates. All Endowments, Endowment Lectures, SC/ST Cell, Annual Report, Administrative Reports, Statistics, prizes – medals, All matters pertaining to UGC/TANSCHE. Contact Number: +91-422-2428115

Section D: Purchase

All matters pertaining to purchase of Equipments, and maintenance of Equipments of including UGC Grant & Scheme purchase of all University Departments, NSS and Adult Education purchases. Stores and Stock maintenance, purchase of Stationary, concessional papers, Sale of Books etc. All matters pertaining to Internet, Canteen, Xerox machine, Printing, purchase of books, UGC Grants allotment, Library Books. Contact Number: +91-422-2428119

Section E: Establishment

All Establishment matters of all Teachers, all Administrative Staff, and Technical Staff including promotion and new appointments, Academic Staff Fellowship, and Cultural exchange programmes Appointments of daily wages, Land acquisition employment. All matters pertaining to pension, Audit replies related to establishment, Staff on duty and Legal matters Contact Number: +91-422-2428120 /2428117 /2428521

Section G : General

All matters related to scholarships, Railway concessions, Study Tours, Fee concessions, Fee structure, keeping of application, Stock entry note, permanent Ledger, preparing BC/MBC computer Training, Security. All matters related to NCC/DAEP/NSS/Physical Education, SAP/IRDP/Red Cross/Academic. All Fellowships/CSIR & UGC. Miscellaneous. UGC Grants – Building, Equipment & Library. Citizen Charter, University Brouchure, All academic exchange programme/colloboration. Academic Staff College and Adult Education, UGC & NSS.

Tapals/Franking – courier- Registered Tapals.– Despatch of applications by post, and all works related to incoming and outgoing Tapals.

Section S: Authorities : Syndicate/Senate/Standing Committee on Academic Affairs/Board of Studies

All matters pertaining to syndicate, senate, Laws of the University and Elections. All matters pertaining to all Board of Studies UG/PG Arts and Science, Social Science and Research. Contact Number: +91-422-2428121

Registrar’s Chamber

Classification of Tapals, co-ordinating Legal matters, Letters of special importance, Follow up work related to Teaching and Non-Teaching Associations representations and other matters entrusted by the Registrar.Contact Number: +91-422-2422203